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This site hosts posts, essays and articles from people passionate about the Arts making a case for the Arts. 

Tell us about the painting that stole your soul, the sound or song that moved you, the  building that shook you, the scene that set you alight, the movement that amazed you, the gig that made you grin, the literary line you love, the design that delights you...  

All authors are encouraged to produce a piece limited to either 300, 500 or 1500 words marrying the objective and subjective. Speak with passion, speak from your personal and professional perspective. Talk about the art that inspires you, that moves you and that you want to inspire and move others.


Your story matters! 

Think conversational, engage the audience, tell the story of your love and the case you are making. 

Please feel free to include an image or link to a work of art that illustrates you particular case.

Authors from backgrounds in Art, Literature, Dance, Drama, Music, Architecture and beyond are invited to submit their case for the arts at the link below.


We will soon be accepting video submissions. 

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